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Prima tigara de dimineata poate ucide/The first cigarette in the morning can kill!

The first cigarette in the morning can kill!

The first cigarette in the morning can kill!
People who smoke in the morning, have a higher cancer risk than those who ignites later, according to scientists from the U.S..
New research has shown unexpected danger : how soon after you wake up will you have your first cigarette is more important than that "vyhulíte" for the day. has been shown is the actual depth dependence , which means that together dostanemete much more harmful substances.

Wait at least an hour!

Studies from Penn State College of Medicine, worked with data from 7610 smokers (lung cancer, even without it) and was published in the journal Cancer.
Evidenced in it that anyone who smokes after awakening, has a higher probability of malignant lung disease . While this phenomenon  does not depend on other circumstances smoking. Thus, neither the total number smoked "death sticks".
Patients who inhale the smoke was just half an hour of waking, have a 79% higher probability that they will develop lung cancer than those who make their first sip of fragrant smoke, wait at least an hour .

The risk increases steeply

Cigarette within 30 minutes after waking doubles the already high risk of cancer, therefore, warn experts. Previous studies have come to the game that quick morning smokers have increased by 59% likely to get cancer of the head or neck .
The head of research Dr Joshua Muscari to the same journal adds: "These smokers have higher levels in the body jednovatého nicotine and perhaps other tobacco poisons, and apparently are more dependent than those who give up a cigarette afterwards."
Apparently, so the sooner you light the smoker,  the more it gets itself into nicotine.

More and more

It is because time is reduced when one do not breathe smoke, while the extension of the time smoking , increases the number of cigarettes consumed.
"The more, of course, increase the doses of chemicals that cause cancer. The more that those who smoke it this early, they tend more Slukova," he explained to Professor Robert West of the UK Institute for Cancer Research Cancer Research University.
Along with nicotine, they get into the body and dozens of other hazardous substances - were still in cigarette smoke analyzed for the four thousand . "So we get a better idea of actual Tobacco Addiction than by the number of cigarettes smoked daily, recalls Professor West.

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